Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hello Savers!

Today my little sister had her baby. I am officially an Aunt to a beautiful baby girl named River Jean Haynes. I am so excited to meet her soon. I live in Michigan and my sister lives in Virginia but I love the pictures already! I cannot wait to meet her in real life. Now on to the savings!

One thing I love is life is free things! So I found the best website. I absolutely adore amazon giveaways because you can know if you instantly win and all you do is have to press three clicks. This website lists quite a few giveaways going on at the moment so people can go down the list and see if they win over 100 giveaways in less than 10 minutes. Just yesterday I won two books. One book looks like something I would really want to read so I am excited for that. I can read, gift or sell the other book. So voila! The easiest giveaways I have ever seen. 

Here is the link :

The proof is in the pudding, here is one of my giveaway wins! HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!


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