Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Favorite Way To Save!

Hello Savers,

Today I want to talk about something that I use almost on a daily basis and probably my favorite way to save. It is $1 Deal Clubs. You can join a "club" that reviews certain Amazon products that you get VERY HIGH discounts on (usually the price being around $1) in exchange for a review on Amazon of the companies product. I get things all the time that 1) I want to gift to someone else in my house after I write my review 2) I am actually in the market for ie. a luggage scale before my honeymoon to Jamaica 3) things I didnt know I wanted until I had the opportunity to buy it at a steal.

Here are some tips on how it all works:

Sign up for the club. Some clubs send one email out to remind you to go to their website at certain times. Such as The Elite Deal Club has deals come out at 10am, 2pm, and 8pm with a majority of the deals coming out early and less coming out as the night goes on. You can view the email in the morning to know if there is something you want and you will need to be on the website very shortly after it opens because once an item sells out the the sale is off. I originally got started on Uberzon, another great club, but they send emails out throughout the day with opportunities to get the deal, once again when the item sells out, the deal is done. So if I don't get the email until an hour later the deal probably wont be there anyone. I have had friends say that they have checked and it has been sold out and then they check hours later and its been restocked though.

BUY AMAZON PRIME: Once a year, I cash out my credit card points and get an amazon gift certificate. With some of that money, I buy Amazon Prime. I buy PRIME mostly for the two day shipping. Also if you have prime and dont mind waiting normal shipping time still with free shipping you can opt for a credit to your prime account. My husband uses those credits when saved up to rent movies. Win-Win for both of it. He gets movies for free, I get free shipping. Now if we count the $1 credit I get for getting slower shipping against the $1 I pay for the item, It is like getting the item for free because my husband would have rented the movie regardless. GENIUS! You can still get the $1 deals without prime but you probably will be spending $5 on shipping for each item so a $30 that you could get for $1, now becomes $6. Still a great buy if it is something you would have bought for $30 but much more frugal if you just have PRIME and just pay the $1 for the item. PRIME is usually $100 I believe. I bought it last year during a special when one of there shows won an emmy for $79 I think. I have seen it on sale since as well. Keep your eye out for specials, I'm looking at you Black Friday Savers. It can be expensive but I really see it as an investment. I have used the money I have put into PRIME 10x over.

THEY ARE LOOKING FOR 5-STAR RATINGS: While they are saying they want an honest review, of course they are looking for 5-star ratings. They will make it perfectly clear that if anything at all would not let you give them a 5-star review then please contact them and they will do whatever they have to do to make you happy and give them 5-stars. This is not a lie the way I see it because that means they have amazing customer service and are willing to jump at the chance of helping you in your review.

YOU MUST SAY YOU RECEIVED THE PRODUCT FOR A DISCOUNT: I use this tag line in every review "I was offered to review this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review" and at the end, if true "I will repurchase at full price in the future". If Amazon finds that you did not put this in your review, they will delete the review. Other than that I keep the review pretty simple. Was the product sturdy, in good shape? Was shipping on time? Did the product match the description? Did I have any conversations with customer service and if yes, how was the communication. Usually my reviews are 4-6 sentences. It doesn't need to be a paragraph but it should cover at least some of those questions. Keywords I use a lot are: A+ shipping, Great Customer Service and Product met description provided during sale.

Now here is a list of  $1 Amazon Review Clubs: If you could please use these links when signing up. Most you need an invite for and this link is your invite, also it tracks how many of my friends I sign up which is nice to see on my stats when I look. I love spreading these clubs around :)

Elite Deal Club: One of my favorites. This club releases deals at 10am, 2pm and 8pm! You can also go to their website where they have 24hr a day deals that you can also share with friends and family. You need an invitation link to join. IF THIS LINK DOESNT WORK BELOW: Go to and enter my email address ( to get an invite.


Uberzon Club: This club will email you each deal. Good Luck of being quick! I get some great deals with this club though if you are quick enough!

Uberzon Club Link

Secret Deals Club: Another club that releases an email each day at 10am. The only way to get the deals is through that email.

Secret Deals Club Link

AMZRC : Amazon Review Club: Not the best website template but it does what it says. You can also refer people for points to compete for cold, hard cash. Not a bad gig, make money while saving money :)

 My AMZRC Invitation Link

Snagshout: This is a little more intense as you have to do a review a little at a time, you earn points by reviewing products and getting them okayed by the company, takes 30 seconds. Then, with those points you exchange them for chances to get a deal. The pros: you can get these deals any time of day, a lot of these are more than $1 but the deals are amazing. I just got a gold covered sterling silver ring that is so awesome for $3 and free shipping. I also got today a water filled backpack (you know what I mean) for $7 and free shipping. They have things for $80 but they would usually cost $300. Very cool website.

SnagShout Link

As always, please comment or email me with any questions at

Happy Savings,
Chasing Jamie

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hello Savers!

Today my little sister had her baby. I am officially an Aunt to a beautiful baby girl named River Jean Haynes. I am so excited to meet her soon. I live in Michigan and my sister lives in Virginia but I love the pictures already! I cannot wait to meet her in real life. Now on to the savings!

One thing I love is life is free things! So I found the best website. I absolutely adore amazon giveaways because you can know if you instantly win and all you do is have to press three clicks. This website lists quite a few giveaways going on at the moment so people can go down the list and see if they win over 100 giveaways in less than 10 minutes. Just yesterday I won two books. One book looks like something I would really want to read so I am excited for that. I can read, gift or sell the other book. So voila! The easiest giveaways I have ever seen. 

Here is the link :

The proof is in the pudding, here is one of my giveaway wins! HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello World!

Hello World,

I am starting this blog because I am a frugal, newly married, mid-western who adores T.J. Maxx and Karl Lagerfeld. You can adore the fashion world and try to add flashes of luxe to your normal life. I do not have the money and I would refuse to spend that much on fashion but I love to save, find coupons and spend on something that makes me feel special. Welcome to my world of being a cheapskate fashionista and makeup addict.